Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Young Buisness People

Who wants cash?
There is a lot of money out there to be made, spent, and given away! I know that there are a number of pastors who are regular readers of this blog and I know that you likely know and even mentor young and emerging business tycoons...or at least future ones.

Among our many roles as pastors we have the unique position and responsibility to give some spiritual guidance and mentoring to our young buisness leaders. Let me recommend a couple of things:

1. Young Mavericks is a buisness event sponsored by Dreams Unlimited for the purposes of equipping and inspiring young money makers!
This years event is in Abbotsford November 2-3.

2. My brother Jon Postal, who is a dynamic and smart young buisness leader, is developing a learning network on his blog for young entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend that you pass on his blog address to the people in your circle of influence. God is raising up kingdom financiers before our eyes - let's support them and help be a catalyst for their networking! At least go over and say hi...

Grace and Peace,

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