Hello friends & family,
Thanks for spending the next few moments reading and considering whether or not you will partner with Candace and I in prayer and ministry.

We have now spent a decade in formal church ministry working primarily with youth & young adults, leading, teaching, praying, and caring for them through all types of circumstances and situations. These have been the most meaningful years of our life, walking alongside of those far from Christ and leading them into a renewing relationship with God, our Creator & Restorer. God is continuing to burden and call us into intentional and creative ministry with people far from Him. As such, Candace and I feel an incredible need to ensure that our life and ministry are bathed in prayer. One, that we would personally be committed in prayer, and two, that there would be a committed community of prayer partners who would regularly pray for our family, ministry, and community.

All that we ask is that each prayer partner would intentionally carve out some regular time in their weekly schedule of prayer to pray purposefully for us and the ministry that God has burdened us with. Additionally, from time-to-time, we would like to be able to email you a short & personal update on life and ministry and how you can specifically remember us in prayer.

To become a prayer partner, simply email Jeremy. The subject heading should read “Prayer Partner” and the email should include your name, phone number, mailing address, and preferred email address.

We are so thankful for each and every one of you, our prayer partners, for your influence and involvement in our lives as we strive to faithfully follow and serve Jesus, our King and Savior.

Grace and Peace,
Jeremy & Candace Postal.