Friday, September 30, 2005

foot in mouth disease

Well today was one of those days where I opened my mouth to talk to someone and everything I didn't want to say I did and everything I did want to say I didn't! This particular case of "foot in mouth" disease is a more rare strain then the person-to-person strain. Today - I was able to effectively type on MSN everything I didn't want to say! The problem and stupidity with this is that I had lots of time to type, read, re-read, decide to send or not, and then send......and, would you believe it, I still got it all wrong??!! What the heck is wrong with me?! I mean really....and then problem is what do you do when you get into "that" convo on MSN? I suppose there are a couple of options....1) appear offline and then next week when you see the person say your computer crashed, 2) hope they do the same thing, 3) send a mass email out to everyone letting them know that "someone" stole your passwords, identity, and lunch and is trying to ruin your life, 4) hope that Jesus comes, 5) blame your fingers, or 6) somehow figure out a way to say sorry.

Stupid fingers.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

steezymour. Posted by Picasa

blogging is for internerds...

This is mostly a test post to see if it really works.
Seeing as it is a test I feel compelled to say in a deep voice, "Check check."
Hope it works.
Turn up my monitors yo!