Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging is so Passe.

Hello. Or more like, "Hello?"

And "Goodbye."

To all the readers here, past and present (present being a liberal use of the word), thank-you. I have appreciated your comment, the dialogue we've shared, the learning from among friends, and new conversations with new friends. This summer I even had the privilege of meeting a few of the faceless names - which was really cool.

Anyhow, in the coming year I am dedicating my time to a few different writing projects
which require my ongoing attention. I am working on a short commentary on Romans which should be complete by summer 08, a book about Jesus that will be for sale at your local punk show merch table, and hopefully some newspaper columns that will be more exciting then Billy-Fundamentalist in the Religion column.

As a result, I'll be too busy for this blog.

Not to mention that I am praying for an Indian summer to extend the climbing season and praying that I will log a pile of first tracks this winter on my snowboard. Other then that, I'll be dating my wife, studying, preaching, and putting into practice my party theology.*

What I am trying to say is, "I'll be too busy for this blog."

Thanks guys.

*Party Theology is one of my top three favorite doctrines of all time; the other two being 'Propitiation' and 'Two Shall Become One.' But that is another story.