Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging is so Passe.

Hello. Or more like, "Hello?"

And "Goodbye."

To all the readers here, past and present (present being a liberal use of the word), thank-you. I have appreciated your comment, the dialogue we've shared, the learning from among friends, and new conversations with new friends. This summer I even had the privilege of meeting a few of the faceless names - which was really cool.

Anyhow, in the coming year I am dedicating my time to a few different writing projects
which require my ongoing attention. I am working on a short commentary on Romans which should be complete by summer 08, a book about Jesus that will be for sale at your local punk show merch table, and hopefully some newspaper columns that will be more exciting then Billy-Fundamentalist in the Religion column.

As a result, I'll be too busy for this blog.

Not to mention that I am praying for an Indian summer to extend the climbing season and praying that I will log a pile of first tracks this winter on my snowboard. Other then that, I'll be dating my wife, studying, preaching, and putting into practice my party theology.*

What I am trying to say is, "I'll be too busy for this blog."

Thanks guys.

*Party Theology is one of my top three favorite doctrines of all time; the other two being 'Propitiation' and 'Two Shall Become One.' But that is another story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good times- I am thinking of making a scrapbook of all your posts.


Gwendolyn said...

In response to your response: I mistyped "easy" instead of "is". I don't believe that most Christians know when they have crossed the line into Christianeze.

jeremy postal said...

Right - I would tend to agree with you about that. So often churches like to baptize people into church language, culture, and busyness instead of baptizing people into a saving faith with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians, in general, find themselves in one of three camps:
1) The Separatists - meaning they have alligators floating in the moat, wordless drama's, and a great fear of anything 'outside.'
2) The Syncratists - meaning people who go so far into culture emersing themselves in sin under the false pretense of 'a little sin to reach sinners.'

The problem with each of these two camps is that one, the separatists, are with holding the truth of Jesus Christ from a world that desperately needs him. The other, the syncratists, deny or lie about the truth of Jesus to a world that desperately needs Jesus.

3) A third position to take involves being Biblically conservative and culturally liberal. This is means holding to the teaching of Scripture, intelligently proclaiming the truth of Scripture, and living like Jesus in the world yet not of the world.

I think the clearest test of whether or not Chrisitaneze is being spoken OR bad teaching is being taught is whether or not people actually understand what is being communicated.

Anyhow, let me know when you have written your piece; I'd love to go read it. Also, for anyone just joining this convo it originated out of a much earlier post called "In Definition of: Christianeze" You can search it.

Grace and Peace.

RPC Young Adults said...

I will miss you Jeremy! (tears)...

I am looking forward in reading your party theology! I think it will be great...

Send me a copy when you can!

Peace... and oh, what is a good time for sushi?


unmoderatemike said...

i thought you weren'tgonna blog here anymore? geeez.