Sunday, September 24, 2006

Motorcycle Diaries

Merry Sunday!
A few days ago I wrote about how part of my leadership style has been shaped out of roadtrips and the effect they have on the people you road trip with. Anyhow, to further illustrate the point I should point you to a film I watched today; if you can get through the sub-titles and reading f-bombs you'll do fine. The Motorcycle Diaries moves along at a pace that is neither heroic nor spectacular - it is the simple story of two lives lived beside each other for a time while on the road. Its a true story and a great film. Go rent it!

Favorite youth ministry memory number six hits news stands tomorrow.

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1 comment:

M. A. Hawkins said...

One of those golden nugget movies. I rented it a while ago not knowing what to expect. It's an amazing movie. Glad to see your reaching for the unknown movies, they're usually the best!