Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Favorite YM Memory #9

In five years of youth ministry I have had the privilege of leading some exceptional volunteer teams of adults who love youth ministry. In that time, I have also had the opportunity to train nineteen different interns, most of whom, are still in close ministry contact with me or are currently on paid staff at our church. The most exciting thing about this is that as these interns graduate and move on we are seeing them get into ministry positions around the country and kicking butt at what they do! I tell all of my interns when they start the same thing; “I am looking forward to the day where, when every year our district conference rolls around, we all rent out an entire wing or floor of a hotel and spend the week together inspiring each other in ministry.” Isn’t that at least a little bit exciting?

If you and I know each other at all, you would most likely know that my natural leadership bent is to not manage teams but to create leadership cultures that are inspiring and innovative. Among my favorite ‘successes’, memories, and things to observe have been some of our new young leaders who have come up through our youth ministry, have been involved in leadership development, and are now plugged into leadership as developed leaders on our adult teams.

Simply this: I love watching leadership development turn into developed leaders.

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