Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Exciting stuff over here happening in the Hawkins camp. Matt, I am very stoked on what you are doing - eventually I will only be able to book you 6 months in advance because your skills will be in such high demand. We all wish you the best of luck with this venture...

Favorite youth ministry memory number five dropping tomorrow. Get bent.


M. A. Hawkins said...

Thanks so much man. Who knows where this is going to go, but if I don't give it a shot I'll never know.
It's a fun ride and I'll be posting a lot about it from now till the close of post production.
Thanks again for the "props yo"!

richardt said...

Hey, could you link me to your blog using technorati, I'll link u to mine.

M. A. Hawkins said...

you talking to me or jer?

i'm trying to set up a thing with technorati but having trouble - wondering if you could help me out mr.bloghimself

Jeremy Postal said...

Listen - I get some traffic from technorati but not too much. Its worth it but will take you a bit of playing around to get it. How about next month Matt?! lol