Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Day History Changed

I guess, in reality, everyday is a day history changes. However, on this day in 1991 Nirvana released its Nevermind album with the hit single Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Every now and again a new idea, a band, or a film comes along that doesn't simply change how a genre is viewed and expressed - it creates a genre. Since 1991 there has been a musical flood of Seattle Grunge (as it was soon labeled) that lived in Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, and Toronto. Where ever there were kids with guitars, three chords, and plaid shirts with ripped jeans there was Seattle Grunge.

Why did it explode? Why was it big enough that even Weird Al did a parody? Because it connected socially and emotionally. Immensely.

Need proof? I cried when I heard Cobain died. So did a thousand(s) others.


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Paul & Wanda Moores said...

The thing about Nirvana and Cobain is that it took music down off the shelf and made it seem like it was attainable. Non rock stars rocking. I cried too.

I was with 75 skaters at our church that day. When I we heard the news everything stoppped and it was dead quiet. Then eventually, the tears started. We ended up having a tribute service and sharing the gospel with these kids.

Nevermind is still one of my top 10 all time albums.

Jeremy Postal said...

Paul - glad to know someone still cares!
I gotta say - a tribute service for Cobain was far from the public and church outcry/denouncement of Cobain in the area I grew up in. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Why did Cobain die? Just because something impacts the world, does not make it good. Cobain was a very sick individual, I saw him in concert as he emerged onto the scene. he, like many are so incredibly hurt inside, so incredibly damaged by the world, that they take thier own lives-whether it be in a game or intentionally-looking to fill a void!
the young man that went on his shooting spree in Montreal, he was hurt, the world destroyed him, it caused him pain, pain that was not -at least to him-repairable

we need not be looking at these culturally signifigant, impact making people, and try to model Xianity after them, rather we need to show that there is so much more to life, to existing, to serving

sorry man-Corbain was lost and hurt, inside and out-we may weep because of the end result of his life, but not glorify what he did

Delbert said...

i dont know very much about cobain, or either do i really like his music, so that is most likely why i am currently echoing the statements of anonymous. although i can understand having a bond with a non xian model and drawing things from their life (that they most likely didn't even see or think about) and use it to enrich our own lives... but i do hope we dont put him on a pedestal that he doesn't entirely deserve.

again, this perspective comes from not knowing much about him, and not really liking his music so my appologies to those that don't agree.

Cameron said...

Cobain has always been one of my insperations as a song writer, he new how to take a hold of his emotions and let them come out of him on paper. and heres one for you all to look at, did he kill him self. or as im a beliver of the huge scandel of ill police work on the scene and a very confusing suicide note with two different handwritting styles, and haveing way to much cocain in his body to move yet alone to pick up a gun and shoot him self in the face. i think something more happend that day. as about a week before that he told his wife and a few others that he was going to quite the music scene for what you annyomuns said, that he wasn't a good roll model and he didn't like the spotlight, he was a hurt indvidual and he knew that people shouldn't be looking up to that. no the suicide note if you read and you can search for it on google, looks like a reterment note besides the last two lines, that are written completly different and dont resemble any of kurts hand writting.

SO I think Cobain did have a right to change a generation. he belonged to it, and he relised what his pop cultur status was doing to his fans and he knew that he couldnt continue to do such a thing, so he quit the music buisness, but before he got a chance to publicly annouse it he died, how is still a mistory, and there are still privite dictectoves on the case searching for answers that the police didnt even try to look for.

Jeremy Postal said...

Annon - you have missed the point completely. I was making no connection to church, Christianity, or Cobain as a "good role model".

Let me help you see:
"Why was it big enough that even Weird Al did a parody? Because it connected socially and emotionally."

Please read a little more objectively.

Markimus said...

What if we were to focus our efforts on this type of connection with people reather than intellectually accosting them with our 'spiritualistic' ideals? I think this is what Cobain did... I can imagine him saying F#$@ the ideals. [that stands for 'forget the ideals'].
Annon ...maybe thats where we need to be thinking.