Friday, September 01, 2006

Merry Long Weekend!

Hey yo - it is September now! Crazy hey?! Anyhow, start checking back in here regularily as I begin this new writting season. For now, let me recommend a couple of things:

1. There are certain books that are good but are so far advanced that you need to re-read them. I would suggest finding a groundbreaking book from five or six years ago and re-read it - you might understand it this time. I did. It was cool.

2. If you still don't own the American Idiot album by Green Day there is something wrong with you. The whole album is one story that follows the lives of a few characters in their search for Jesus. Some find grace, others friendship, and others suicide. A moving album.

3. I found two corpse's yesterday. Read about it here.

4. I would suggest some kind of trip this weekend. Call some freinds, load up your car, and go. Candace and I and a few friends are backpacking/hitch-hiking around the Gulf Islands. Should be good times.

5. Add Jim Lucas to your bloglines. I am sure that he will be writting some great stuff in the near future.

Have a great weekend and welcome back to eclectivity!


Markimus said...

Hooray!!! Apparently my poetry had an effect on you JER... I am so happy. Look forward to Eclectic times

Jeremy Postal said...

Just for the record - Mark's poetry is stunning!
He rhymes words and phrases to make you think he is cunning!


Just got home from a fabulous trip in the south gulf islands! The best part was that I finally got Candace to come hitchhiking with me! Good times.

Mark - has there been anything interesting in the world of blog lately?