Monday, October 09, 2006

A Great Day

To the Canadians - Merry Giving Thanks Day!
And to the gun totters – Happy Columbus Day!

Candace and I had a great day today – lots to give thanks for. We woke up and went for a walk in the cool and crisp morning air before sitting on a Starbucks patio. Once our pumpkin lattes had been drunk we set off for breakfast – waffles, eggs, and peaches. So good! From there we loaded our climbing stuff and made our way into one of our favorite climbing areas near the town of Hope. The forest and the rock was absolutely amazing today…lots of color and the friction was great! Once we had finished climbing we laid down beside each other on the forest floor and had a nap under a large boulder – it was one of those quiet moments of celebration that is enjoyed by couples who are head over heals in love. Amazing. Now that we are home we are waiting for a couple of our close friends to come over to make pizza and then watch a movie. I love life.

PS – Favorite youth ministry memory number uno is dropping like a pound of bling tomorrow. Bring sexy back!
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jeffro said...

that's right yo. bring that sexy back.
JER. you should right about your climbing obsession one day: how you began type stuff...

or for your book??

Anonymous said...

dude, sign me up for a copy of the book.

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

Leave sexy home. that's my #1 chart topper.

Jeremy Postal said...

Paul....are you nervous about this? Is it because you secretly love JT? Or do you just really not know how sexy you are?! Bring that back yo!

Follow this link to see the Weird Al version of my new ringtone...