Friday, October 13, 2006

"And the greatest of these..."

Two questions:
1) What are the most important questions asked in the Bible? Which is the greatest?

2) Are the questions asked in the New Testament greater then the ones asked in the Old Testament?

I'll be away from my computer for most of the weekend; looking forward to your thoughts.
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Paul & Wanda Moores said...

1. Who do you say that I am?

2. No. Just different.

Steve said...

1) -"What do I need to do to follow you [Jesus]?" Rich young Ruler
- "Who do you say that I am?" Jesus
- "Do you love me?" Jesus
- "

2) I think the questions are the same, because if you really look at it, the answers are the same... The questions usually pertain to who God is, and what he wants of us, regardless of where you look (There are other questions too, of course, but I think that could be a thing to look up and do a study on in the future).

Anonymous said...

When a pharisee testing Jesus asked him what the most important commandments are and He summed them up into 2.

Markimus said...

The Greatest Question is asked in Genesis and is threaded throughout all of Scriputere... God in search of Adam said ... 'Where are you?'

Jeremy Postal said...

"Who do you say that I am?" -Jesus.

"Adam, where are you?" -God.

Are these two questions actually the same question?

Boomer said...

No I don't think so. One's directed at God, about who we think he is...the other is about man, where he is.
I think if it was reversed it would be the same, as who WE are is tied up in who HE is.

Hmmm...most important questions... "Whom shall I send?" Isaiah 6:8

I don't necessarily think it's as important as those other 2, but seeing as they have been mentioned, I will submit this one.

Markimus said...


I think I get what you are trying to roll with that... I woudl say no they are not but they are intrinsically tied together.

Jeremy Postal said...

Each question does ask the person to identify where they are and their proximity to Jesus......No?

Markimus said...

True ... in the case of proximity I think you are right.
Relationally they are the same question. How does man relate to God?

But in the case of perspective its different. In Jesus question the question is theocentric ... in the case of God's question it is anthrocentric.
I just have this internal drive to disagree with you! ;)

Boomer said...

I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that they are the same question. They both have to do w/ relationships, but there are a lot of things that have similarities while remaining totally unique.

It funtions more like a suffiecient condition i.e. Oak and poplar are sufficient conditions of a tree, but a tree is not restricted to oak and poplar.

These man to God and God to man are sufficient conditions for relationship, but not necessary. It would seem they're not the same.

Jordan/Yoda/Clambo said...

The most important questions asked in the Bible are the ones we know the answers to. The debatable things in the Bible are things that don't matter. The clear things are things that do matter, namely, love. Unfortunately, it's usually the questions that don't have answers that we spend more time thinking about. Christians love to focus on our differences.