Friday, October 06, 2006

Favorite YM Memory #2

Sequoiadendron giganteum, the largest living thing on Earth, begins life looking very much like a blade of grass. And honestly, it is a miracle that this little one-inch tall “tree” has even made it this far – in fact, it is only a tiny fraction of 1% that it will even make it this far. Too much sun will kill it. Too much rain will kill it. Soil temperature and moisture must be optimal. Elevation plays its part. Availability of nutrients makes or breaks the deal.

"Of those few seeds that do germinate naturally in an open forest where conditions are close to ideal, only a very small percentage will survive. Giant sequoias normally develop an extensive root system very early in their careers - within the first two years of growth, the root system begins to branch out more and more thickly, and as the tree grows larger, it is this lateral development just beneath the soil surface that continues most strongly. Eventually the roots of the larger trees reach out one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet, and in some cases may reach out more than two hundred feet. This means that some large sequoias extend their area of influence throughout some four square acres of forest land!!!"

Did you get that?! One large sequoias having an influence of up to four square acres! More importantly, have you ever seen just one tree in a forest? No. The more influence these trees begin to have over an area the more their roots will be intertwined with the roots of the other trees around them! Amazing!

Every now and again I get phone calls from pastors in churches offering me really cool positions with more money then I make now asking me to move away; I always ask them the same thing – “Why are you trying to uproot me?” My favorite youth ministry memory is much much more then a memory – it is also a present reality: I am home ministering together with the people I love. These are my roots.

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