Friday, January 20, 2006

Snow Report: Deep.

This morning I woke up to sunshine and 36cm of fresh snow at Mt. Seymour!
I could describe how it looked, what it felt like, and the sick lines, pillows, drops, and cliffs we pillaged all day.


I don't think I could ever really describe it's beauty; today was purely something that you should experience at some point in your life in order to understand it.

I'm not sure beauty is something that can be described.


Dan Richardson said...

Seriously...that's just sick (both good and bad). Good for you...bad for me. I went up Tuesday was good but foggy and heavy. I have that experience almost every year up at Big Chill in Kamloops. The snow is crazy up there. Not 36cm of fresh snow though! That should remind you that you have an amazing Sr.Pastor too!

Jeremy Postal said...

I certainly do have an amazing Sr. Pastor...!

Sorry I missed Cheers on Thursday...I was riding then too.

Oh well. I suppose someone has to get gnarly...and it might as well be me! lol