Monday, January 09, 2006

The Sameness Factor

How does this play out for the church?

Some will die, some will hitch a ride on a passing wheelchair, and some will change their vision, values, and purpose with every new pastoral or culture shift. Some will thrive and live in culture, some will try to stop culture from changing, some will try to change with culture, some will try to change culture, and some will just simply lose importance.

What will happen to these churches will happen to these churches.

The challenge really is this: how do we read the culture and effectively communicate the big idea concepts so that we can start from the same definition and journey towards the same conclusion – Jesus?

Somewhere, somehow, and somewhen there is a lowest common denominator for everything; we must find the highest common denominator and then maybe language, life, truth, and authentic Jesus-centered-spirituality will live again.


Xthebuilder said...

Are we to achieve this as individuals before we try to take it to the masses? Let's look at our current culture. What is important to individuals, what has become the new "idols". Even better have this generation of church leaders fallen into the trap of what our culture is. Maybe not all of them, for I believe there are lights in the darkness, yet I think we became so orientated on bieng culturally acceptable that we forget that our lives are not ares at all.
Jer you ask some incredible questions, and every question seems to point back to the same answer, in part at least, if we as believers become true and full followers of Christ, lay everything down, give it all over to Him, then we become what Christ intended.
It starts with each of us as individuals, finding our purpose and place in this world. Where God wants us, not where we want to go....and if we have to do a ministry in Nineveh suck it up and go, if we go through trials , which we will, still give God all the glory.
Christ centered ministry starts and ends with Christ centered individuals. I think the day has come and gone of becoming everything for everybody, I think we need to be fully what Christ intended, no matter the cost.

Jeremy Postal said...

Your response does seem a wee bit contradictory in that your stateing that "it" starts with the individual finding their place and purpose and then you go on to say that "it" is about starting and ending with Jesus.

Which one is it?

To slide away from the language and definition side of this blog I pose this question....
You often talk about "laying everything down for the cause of Jesus" Let me ask this: What happens when 100% of what we can give is only 45% of who we are? Are you still giving 100%?

Xthebuilder said...

Isn't it a process though. What is 45% today becomes mre and more as time goes on. Thus the process of "sanctification" For me the process statted long ago, and what I thought was giving it all, was probably 10%, today I look at how much of my life I have turned over to God, and "it" is probably only 15%. Language, life, truth, and authentic Christ centered spiritually exists in everyone who accepts the fact that the person of Christ, His life, is all true, all a reality and our eternal life with god depends on our full belief in the gospel of Christ. From the second we ask Christ into our lives the process of giving "it" all to Him starts, so unless you say" i refuse to turn over this part of my life to Christ, then our 10% is our 100%. Does that make sense?