Monday, January 09, 2006

In Definition of: in definition of.

Given a chance, language would try to kill us.

Words and phrases strung together to create brilliant sentences and paragraphs by the equally brilliant word-smiths behind them, who, in their engineering prowess, have only a limited idea of the effect of those words.

Not that language could kill us, but it would try.

Words and phrases gathered together and made coherent by commas, apostrophes, and exclamation points to create morsels of communication that only sometimes generate the idea behind the sentences and paragraphs.

And try as it might, language will never win.

Words and phrases jumbled, mixed, diced, and fried together in a sauce pan of conflicting idea and thought which has nullified and neutered the meaning of words and language.

Taken the chance, we have killed language.


Anonymous said...


that was.....
jer. i think you are becoming one of my favorite blogs.. its because you post regularly.
as for me..
i barely post. i write just never post.
also. i had a good laugh reading one of a wpg. blog --> i am annoymous #1 - and boy oh boy.. you get around in the blogosphere. (aka. SoulPastor)


Jeremy Postal said...

So if I just posted random crap but I made sure to post random crap on the regular....this would be your favorite? Sweet!

You know...there are an actual large amount of really good blogs out there! :)

Tanja said...

JER!!!!! What up! Thanks for stopping by my blog...dunno how you found it, but hey, doesnt matter......yes it did you find it???? hope all is well with Candice nad yourself. Your blogage area is rockin....load sof deep stuff a shallow gal like me doesnt get, but I shall smile and nod LOL Talk soon!!!!

jeffro said...

WOW jer.

your beggining to build quite a blog presence.. i've checked your blog for posts like 4 times in the last two days eagerly awaiting the next post... but what do we get...

NADA> :)
the pressures of the blogosphere.

kris said...

ya words dont always seem to come out the way they are intended.. sometimes ya think people should not talk at all when ya hear stuff come out the mouth..then ya see them talk to someone about ..christianity, for example..and ya wonder wonder why theyre not being effective at gettin thru to others...wish more people realize its not just words that can affect people, or maybe bettter said -affect people positively..??..ive found that most people will tend to truly listen to what you have to say only after you have shown them your worth listening to :P usually thru your actions lifestyle etc.. anyways thats one long run on sentence of thoughts comin outta my brain..hope it made some sense..:P.<---there i put a period :)