Wednesday, May 17, 2006

txen si tahw

I am wondering what the next church leadership trend will be.


I suppose it will be another question.


It might even make a point this time.


God-blogs seems as though they are going to have more impact on the direction of Christianity then a particular thesis tacked defiantly to some door in some far-away town. Thousands of people, some of whom are even brilliant, are spotting, observing, thinking, innovating, and putting their findings online for all to see. Some of these discovery’s we would do well to absorb and some, like that chemical waste found in microwave dinners, we should not.

Still, the question remains, what is the next big church leadership trend? To discover it now would likely mean notoriety, fame, money, and a 1000 hits per day on this blog.

Too bad the trend seems to be pseudo obscurity. Ironic? I think so. For now I will be content to observe what is currently happening and only occasionally light candles, wear clip-on-nails, and charge $1 to peer into my crystal ball.


Anonymous said...

Trends come and go! The newest trend is like an expensive dinner, you save and save to take your mate out for an incredible meal, and 24 hrs later it ends up in the toilet, so to speak!
Word faith, prosperity preaching, emerging church, culturally relevant this and that. The band wagons come and go, yet is not the newest trend the oldest trend?

jeffro said...

thats awesome.

do ...
start charging...........

it would almost be like... a CULT.

cult in the sense of popcult.

love peace and chicken soup.