Saturday, May 27, 2006

the best breakfast ever

So here I am - I'm Alyne - and I'm very excited about having somewhere else to share my love for writing.

I was doing some thinking the other night, (which can be a frightening process, but this time it seemed to go relatively well), and somehow my mind stumbled across the saying, "You can't make an omelet without breaking an egg". I'm sure, for most people, this is not an unknown saying. I am also sure we all believe we know what it means. Or do we?

I am going to challenge you to throw away any preconceived notions you may have as to the meaning of that saying, and simply consider the one I am going to place before you.

The subject of 'dreams' has been a pressing one in my circle of friends lately. Especially the prospect of surrendering them to God with faith that, if they are truly from Him and in correspondence with His plan for our lives, that He can bring them back to us in His time.

You can't make an omelet without breaking an egg.

What is the omelet? Well, let's view the omelet as our Dreams, having been reached and fulfilled by God. What does the egg represent then? How about our plans, opportunities presented to us, jobs we could have had, relationships we may be in, friends we love, or even other dreams?

With this in mind, could it be said that, in order to "make an omelet", to see our Dreams fulfilled, created, given life by God, there may come a time where we have to "break an egg", to put our plans, opportunities, jobs, relationships, etc. to rest for the benefit of the greater good, which is God's ultimate plan for our lives and our Dreams?

You can't make an omelet without breaking an egg.
I don't know...what do you think?


Mark said...
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Mark said...

It is my understanding from life experience is that soemtimes God wants to kill our dreams in order that they may come to life. They are not ours in the first place but yet we hold to them so tightly that they are limited to the smallness of our minds and lives. Could it be that our dreams are the eggs and the ommelette is the mosaic of many peoples dreams coming together through brokenness? Dreams are never about us? So lets get our heads out of our ... holes in the ground and see the bigger picture at work?

Jeremy Postal said...

For the record...which makes this somewhat official: I have a problem eating omlets that I have not seen prepared. Scrabbled eggs too. There is something about whipped and fryed chicken fetus that disturbs me. However, if I can see it being prepared and am assured that there are no wee chicken bits in there....I'm ok.

Dreams are very similar. I've had dreams die, get whipped and fryed in some back room over a hot grill by some underpaid worker who I so quickly associate with God. An omlete is still eggs though...just with some extra pieces. Green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, bits of onion, tomatoes; to me it just seems that we dream in the fragile shell of egg while God dreams in the cracked, eclective, and messy version of omlete. Not that God is cracked....He just sees things differently. Cracked.


Where does the chicken fit into this.....The dream giver? Yikes! All hail the Great Poultry....

Boomer said...

Eggs are weird. They taste like rubber farts. That's a fact.

Dreams are interesting. They don't taste like rubber farts. I hear people talk a lot about how they're not willing to surrender because they are scared of what God is going to do with them, like God want's to make them do something they hate, like eat rubber farts. If a person lives for Jesus and pursues him, is there really a difference between His dreams and our dreams? Did He not create us with desires and inclinations to certain things? Therefore did God create the egg with the omelet in mind or hatching it? In fact did he not create the egg to hatch into life, when some clown decided "Hey you know what sounds like a good chicken fetus. Hey it tastes like rubber farts, I should eat this every morning with cow secretions." (this might explain your omelet issues Jer) So the question is, does God want to break our egg or hatch it?

Esther said...

People change and so do their dreams or their means of achieving their dreams, whether they're given by God or not. In that way, I think our dreams can't really compare to eggs because unless the eggs become chickens they don't change. If I must stick to the analogy though, then what if the egg gets broken and the inside is now out in the open. It's possible that the egg gets broken for the purpose of making an omelet but once it's open we find that it would be better to fry the egg. Either way we get breakfast, but it might not be what we originally set out to make.

Jeremy Postal said...

A great boxer once said, "The man who still thinks like he is 20 when he is 50 years old wastes 30 years of his life."

Pretty profound for a boxer.

It may be that our dreams aren't really dreams unless they do change.

Jeremy Postal said...

alYne - I'm making omelets right now.