Friday, May 26, 2006

Pleased to Introduce!

Eclectivity is certainly more fun. More fun then active eclectivism. More fun then being a raging eclectomaniac. More fun then studious eclectiversity. Today marks a holiday and a celebration of epic proportions so, in honor of eclectivity, please feel free to mark yourself. I would recomend a jiffy marker, a blank arm, and a word. Choose any word you like....but wear it proudly!

Some of the faithful readers of this little cornor of internerd-world have noticed that there are now three contributors to this blog. I think that by now you will have gotten to know myself and the pomo-antics of Mark deHooh. Today, I would like to introduce to you a good friend, incredible youth worker, professional writer, and someone who has been a real inspiration in my life. She is loads of fun to be around, passionate, loves to laugh, and works hard at what she does. Her favorite word is 'hub'. Her name is Alyne....make sure you introduce yourself and make her feel welcome!

AlYne....I am stoked that you are is very good to have a little estrogen around! Looking forward to reading more of your work!


Boomer said...

Hey Alyne, long time no see. It'll be cool to catch up. When I saw your name on the contributors a bit ago I checked out your blog, now I'm all up on your TTYL


Anonymous said...

hey_a_lyne, in honour (cdn spelling for the win!) of eclectivity i decided to mark myself in the form of a tattoo . . . that says "i heart Mom"

she hates tattoos.

Chad said...

Hay Alyne! Not only am I looking forward to reading some of your thoughts, I'm especially looking forward to reading some of your rants. You do them well in person and now I'm excited to read them online. Some grammatically sound, properly spelled, and well constructed rants at that. And if, by any chance, you do happen to have any mis-spelled words or improper grammar, I'm not going to say anything to you but I will have a smug look on my face. You know the one.