Tuesday, October 18, 2005

::Preaching:: A Response.

It has been interesting to read the number of different responses to the previous blog; some via email and others through the comment section of the blog. If you haven't yet read the previous blog...go do that and then come back and read this one. The following is an email sent to me from my friend Patrick who I know from Seymour. Not only is Pat an all around rad guy (who happens to be moving to Japan to keep the snowboard bum lifestyle alive) but he has some pretty good insights into preaching. So....here is the unedited version of a view of preaching from outside the church....enjoy! Thanks Pat!

jeremy! hey dude i loved your write up and stoked that you included me! and i agree full heartedly with your views on this topic! to me preaching is a HUGE topic that should be adressed beacause it is a reason alot of young ppl / youth get turned away from church...its a reason i did...well one of MANY....my thoughts on it are mostly just that i feel that preachers are sooo seperated from the ppl they are preaching to.....they smile on their polpets and never really show human fear....i know preachers are human! ive seen the human preachers...the preachers that have impacted huge congregations are preachers that stoop down to the congregations level...let them know that they are human for example my parents pastor went on in a service one sunday and admitted his coming to christ was while throwing a bottle of beer at a phone post....at youth conventions the favourite speakers are the ones who show that they are at the same level or have been there....but alot of preachers (like mine) wear there suits and a smile to match and promise that everything will be alright....either they have lived completely sheltered lives or are afraid to explose themselves.....i dont know if any of that makes sense...reading over it im kinda all over the place...but all in all preaching is preaching...i dont know if theres any way of doing it to a congregation so everyone can talk and share opinion as conversation and still get done in an hour....but i think that a preacher can still conect and make the congregation feel more involved if they expose there human qualities let them know that they are not perfect and above them make more sense? goodness gracious my fingers are tired please reply back to this if i have said sumthin contradictory or said anything wrongish...i would love to keep this question burning with me too....but i must roll...so i will fo sho ttyl

patrick grey

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