Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Holy Immaturity.

I was reminded of something about immaturity and maturity as I was reading through some old writting today - and really, what I was reminded of is quite obvious; every person must be immature before they are ever mature! Immaturity brings a sense of recklessness, fearlessness, danger, adventure, humiliating failure, accidents, risk-taking, new ways of thinking, new ways of believing, new ways of being, and a life full of surpries! If maturity is a sense of experience, confidence, and cool, calm, calcualted, logical steps... then I don't want too much to do with it - yet! Right now, I want to be just tripping over the edge of newness, wounded on the front lines of change, and in the delivery room of the unexpected.

Jesus walked this earth followed by a group of immature, hot tempered, argumentative, not too bright, nobody important, deserters who Jesus called his disciples... and they changed the world. It was during those immature years of walking step-by-step with Jesus that the disciples did the most, learned the most, made mistakes, and put their lives in the most danger.

Someday, when I'm old... with only slightly less hair... I want to be able to look back and say, "Wow! Life was good! We made a lot of mistakes and we tried a lot of new and risky things... some things worked and other's definitly needed Febreeze... but whatever the outcome; I loved my God, my family, and my friends with every reckless, fearless, adventuress, risk-taking, expressive, accident-prone, brittle old bone in my body. Maybe by then, I will have followed my Jesus step-by-step into maturity...

That will be a good day.

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