Sunday, July 09, 2006


Another weekend is over, barely. Do you realize that you we are only a few days away from the next one. Start making your plans kids.

Anyhow, a few bits and pieces of items that may keep you interested for more then a minute. Chad Langerud has officially entered the internerd world of blogging, there is a new multi-contributor blog headed by Hawkins and Mack, and there were some very kind words written about this blog by Austin, Texas marketer and author Thom Singer. Check it out here. To top it off, there is a rustic little piece written about cabin life over at my other blog that may inspire you to build a tree fort, get reflective, and maybe write some poetry. If you're craving a more visual philosophical expression take a look at the latest installments of post-secrets……

Other then that, our girl Alyne is 12 weeks away from tying the knot and a few days away from gracing us with some more of her written work. Check out her July 4th photoblog!

I’ve been enjoying following the question and answer dialogue below! Keep’em coming!
Grace and Peace,

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The only Messiah is the Atheist Messiah.