Friday, November 02, 2007

In Definition of: Reclamation

This is a restorative process which, like any first year plumber knows, is dirty business. It involves wading knee deep into the grime and filth of overuse, abuse, misuse, and disuse. Much of what we know and believe has been tarnished and polluted again and again by well meaning liars who, in their best effort to make a word and its idea relevant, have softened, corrupted, and/or thrown a thick soupy haze over its rich meaning. In this process of reclamation we will reclaim those words, ideas, and doctrines from their weak and useless conditions. People so readily exchange the truth of God for a lie and, in so doing, downward spiral into all forms and methods of contamination. It is to this issue that the Church must engage in a Reclamation reclaiming truth, sound doctrine, and correct theology through prayerful Biblical study and in humble submission to our eternal God and King, Jesus Christ.


Andy Gabruch said...

yo man,

I think imperialistic worldview (known mostly in Western Civilization) has diluted Christianity to a series of systematic practices rather than a relationship with the Almighty God...

The challenge is to think outside of our imperialistic mindset to Biblical Christianity!

peace bro! Keep writing

unmoderatemike said...