Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tolerance: Part 2

The last place that I lost my keys was in a snowy parkinglot near Gravity Hill in Abbotsford, BC. The parkinglot, which was actually more icy then snowy, was at the base of a small snowy hill near the end of a mountain plateau with hundreds of rows of small green trees. These, in all of their natural glory, were about to become firewood, woodchips, and memories. Sadly, this was to be the fate of the u-cut holiday tree.

If you live in a condo, were ever termed as a metrosexual some years ago, have a closet full of shoes, enjoy poetry without rap music, enjoy rap music, think that a trip to the country involves two bus fares, or are an over-sensitive vegetarian then you will no doubt have never encountered a real holiday tree.

The holiday trees that you are used to come in a box, are stored in a larger box, and are far more environmentally harmful then cutting down the real thing. Plus they smell like coat hangers which, unless you have some weird holiday fetish, shouldn't get you in the mood at all.

But still, it is a holiday tree. A fake, yes, but nonetheless real.


unmoderatemike said...

tolerance is growing a beard. Or at least attempting to. Or in my case, being just to darn lazy to shave. therefore, i have concluded that there are two sides to tolerance. One side is that tolerance is simply being to lazy to change or alter the situation. There is a word for this, pseudo-tolerance. It is the negative aspect of tolerance. This is me, when one is too lazy or not concerned enough to effect change that needs to be made. The other tolerance is called pro-tolerance. This is the positive aspect of tolerance that is recognized and practiced with the hope of affecting change in oneself or others through a process of adaptation.(sic). An example would be of one person being protolerant of anothers beliefs in order to learn from them and possibly glean some shred of insight that may enable that person to become a 'better' person. It is more than just accepting what another believes, but taking away something form that in order to put it to use in their own life. either way, i just made this all up and my beard itches.

Anonymous said...

your killing trees though. That is far more wrong that pollution. Unless your a right wing tree hating logger loving wacko. trees are life.