Friday, March 02, 2007

French Love Songs

Last night I found myself sitting in an old English pub in downtown Abbotsford waiting for a friend of mine who is helping me with a writing project that I am working on. I showed myself in and found a table near the back of the pub where I sat down, pulled out my skinny Mexican pen, my journal, and a book I am reading. I was alone.


In fact, it was an eerie alone feeling that you get when you are all by yourself but instinctively know that someone or something is watching you. My instincts, though not surprising in any way, were completely bang on. A skinny bohemian looking guy walks onto the small stage in front of the smaller dance floor and turns on a karaoke machine to which he begins to wiggle his hips, tap his toes, sing, and play lead guitar solo’s to 80’s pop music. All of this wasn’t weird at all except for one small thing which I think is important for you the reader to know, bohemian-karaoke-lead-guitar guy was singing love songs. And for the record, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on anything at all when a skinny bohemian is singing love songs to you.

Thankfully, later on in the evening my world began to make sense again…I found out that he was French and it explained everything.


Jeffrey P. Ansloos said...

bohemian karaoke lead guitar guy.
why on earth does that not surprize me in abbotsford.

too funny jer.

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

The stench of cow manure does wierd things to people, I guess.

BTW, kind of interesting having a post from you that will illicit absolutely no world changing discussion.

Boomer said...

Oui, Oui. Qui est la date pour le climbing...

...I bought my first rope on Wed...I'm friggin' stoked.

Anonymous said...

check it out...I've deleted my old blog and made a new one with a new perspective.