Thursday, February 08, 2007

Leadership, Submission, Church Authority

Part of the sermonizing process in our young adult community involves many people in helping shape the teaching time. This week's discussion has been based around church leadership, submission, and authority. Many who read this blog are pastors and church leaders...your thoughts would be appreciated on this topic.
Merry Thursday.

Oh, one other thing...check this out: People are finding Jesus on myspace. There's got to be a sermon illustration in here somewhere....!


Derwyn said...

I read a book on elders and leaders by Gene Getz recently, and in his strong development of the role and authority of those called to lead the church he made this rather interesting observation: there are only two places in the NT where the people are explicitly told they are to submit to their leaders (Heb 13:17 and I forget the other one...). Everywhere else the leaders are explicitly told how to lead like Jesus.

The implication is this: the authority of the leader is God-given, but the responsibility is primarily with the leader to lead well, and secondarily in telling the follower he needs to follow. If we lead like Jesus, we can anticipate that those who follow Jesus will be much more inclined to follow us.

(This observation translates well in to the roles of husband and wife.)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, this may sound a bit strange, however do you ever think you are above other people? Do you try to speak with intelligence to make it harder for some people to understand, it seems that way...Just curious, cant you be simple and make the same point? Dunno just wondering I guess.

jeremy postal said...

To answer your first question (and I'll make it simple), no. :)

Question #2: Be it written or oral communication I simply try and communicate the scattered thoughts that are floating around between my ears. Sometimes this comes out clearly and other times I confuse myself....!

I truely hope that you don't view me as someone who claims to be, is, or wants to be 'above everyone else.' If you do hold such a view, I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Other then that; I would appreciate comments of the like to be spoken to me in person (i.e. not anonymously) and not in a public forum like this. Thanks for the consideration.

Markimus said...
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Markimus said...

Very unfair question...
First off if you are a person who knows Jeremy then I suggest you take a little more time to knwo him more. Very Down to earth guy!

It seems to me you are projecting some underlying angst... something that should be dealt with privately.

And now to comment
Leadership should never be assumed, I think that is where we get into trouble as leaders.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you seem to be quite a smart guy, I have friend whos going through a tough time, suicidal and has lost his faith, what should I do to help?

jeremy postal said...

I will be happy to point you to some great resources and professionals. Come talk to me.