Monday, December 11, 2006

Let's Get Some Link Love

Hey yo
There are a bunch of faithful readers of this blog and I do, maybe more then I care to admit, really appreciate that. There are even some regular comment posters and you, my friends, are my favorite! :)

Anyhow, its been quite some time since I have updated the links on my side bar; if you have a personal blog that you would like to see added to the sidebar just leave the blog address in the comments section so I can get that updated for you.

Also, if you still haven't started using bloglines then I would recomend that you do. It will help you surf through the wide and wonderful world of blog - trust me. It works and it works well. Anyhow, looking forward to adding your links.

Grace and Peace,

PS - If you are already linked on the side bar or, if you've left your link and still are feeling frisky, check out this short post by favorite blogger in the entire world.


Anonymous said...

hey, I hope this is not highjacking your post....
but I use google reader instead of bloglines-

you can see what your friends are reading. It is interesting. And I have a diff web address now.

how was Sat.? Baker's snow report is all of Alberta combined!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy and I started more of a life blog. Check out

Anonymous said...

Sounds Great...
but I if I join your community do I at least get a free T shirt or at least a silver covered plastic whale shape for the back of my car...?

Anonymous said...

opps forgot to forward my link...hehe

jeremy postal said...

Dave - I think you're t-shirt got lost in the mail.
It even had a catchy logo on it: "I hate bloggers"
Oh well...