Saturday, November 04, 2006


What are people most interested in?
Themselves, obviously.

Watch anyone look at pictures from last night’s little shindigger and what photos do they spend the most time looking at?
The photos of them, obviously.

Who do news crews interview and which people care the most when disaster happens in India?
Indians who still have family living in India, obviously.

What causes are people most likely to get behind?
The ones that are about them or somehow impact them personally, obviously.

What communities are people most likely to be actively involved in?
The ones that enhance their life, obviously.

What bands, films, songs, and advertisements are people responding to?
The ones that are the closest to who they are and who they want to be, obviously.

What version of truth, certainty, spirituality, and belief do people love?
The version that fits their life, obviously.

Which god do you serve?
The version that fits your life, obviously.

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Junah said...

I have read your blogs a couple of times in the past, and I think they are well done and thought provoking.

I had a friend once tell me that everyone does what they do based on pleasing their own self interest. I could not how this was so, but now I can understand why people can argue that the Economists are right - we make our decisions based out of self-interest, whether it be our self interest on this earth or the next.

Anonymous said...

can - o - worms.

Jeremy Postal said...

Thanks for reading Junah...appreciate that people actually come around this little space in the world wide web.

I've never thought of our own self-interest as form of currency; good thought. Everyone does everything that they do based on some sort of incentive...


Jordan/Yoda/Clambo said...

Which brings up the age old question of whether or not it is possible to do any completely selfless deed. Especially in Christianity, when we believe that we will be rewarded in heaven if not on earth. Due to the philosophical impracticality of such a question, we may as well discard it. A better question is, is it possible to do a deed that is in some way selfish, but in a bigger way selfless? If a deed is done more for someone else than for yourself, is it, then, selfless? Another question. If no deed is selfless, or if it impossible to do a deed that is more for someone else than for yourself, do human good deeds really deserve reward, earthly or eternal?

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

So should we fight it or try harder to align ourself with the Word.

jimbo said...

To think about this topic of interest, its hard at times not to think that the world is hopeless, and what do we offer it as christians. If its all convienient, why even bother with other people. Or are we just helping others to gain points?

tommy : s said...

and as we charge down our self-filled destiny, who does the true God pursue relentlessly along every step?
You of course

check out Psalm 51 for a stunning use of the words "you" and "I"

Markimus said...

Are selfish and self aware two different positions that all to often get blurred into one state?
To be truly selfless one must have an awareness of self.

Boomer said...

Can anything really be considered trustworthy then? If all we do has motives is objectivity possible?