Friday, June 23, 2006


Considering that Jesus specifically spoke of loving God, loving others, and loving yourself in reference to the greatest command, it would seem that an honest faith and an honest humanism could walk hand-in-hand together down the isle. Anything outside of that isle may end in a quick and nasty divorce….which, believe it or not, has happened over and over and over again through out history. The comment count is still rising on this thread; go ahead and add some thoughts.

Today is Friday of what seems to be shaping up as a great weekend! Go outside and enjoy it! Before you do, follow this link to get you started on a treasure hunt to two great posts!

“From city to city from coast to coast Friday night is the night we like to party the most!”
-Ice Cube.

New content on Sunday.

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Ric said...

Do we at times overcomplicate what in reality should be so easy. I saw a pic of a tattoo on Sunday that read ."Born to Lose". It made me wonder who would get such a strange piece of ink, yet the more I pondered the more I came to the conclusion that even if people do not get the visible sign, they have that tattooed on thier very soul.
Love yourself, seems simple, yet I know for many, it is a tough rule to embrace.
We can pretend to love others, pretend to care about the kingdom, yet in the dark how many of our friends are wishing they did not even exist.