Friday, December 02, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

Have you ever felt like you lived behind some kind of curtain – desperately hoping that a little bit of smoke and mirrors would convince people that you are bigger, better, smarter, more passionate, more spiritual, or more real then you really are? Truth be told, I often times feel like I’m dancing in and out of a house filled with smoke, mirrors, and curtains only allowing a select few to see me without the smoke and mirrors while happily dancing with all the other smoke and mirror dancers.

When it comes to spirituality, so many people believe that anything is possible if they just work hard enough or long enough. Are duty and discipline the keys to salvation or to God? No. How many people think like this? It’s important to get better, move ahead, and ultimately arrive – work hard for God and you’ll get the desires of your heart. Obedience, after all, leads to blessing. God really values people who take Christianity seriously…the people who leap tall buildings in a single bound and are willing to run themselves ragged for the kingdom!! High five to these spiritual super-hero’s! I hope you don’t jump out of a phone booth one day with your cape tucked into your underwear! Ha! Really, this all seems a little suspect to me…..a little more like smoke and mirrors and a lot less about Jesus Christ.

I’m looking forward to a time and place when people move from the smoke and mirrors hero attitude to a day when we recognize that we are simply people who are screwed up, messed up, and incapable of saving ourselves. I’m looking forward to a day of stunning honesty and authenticity; the day that we begin to live. Why? Well, maybe we would actually start to understand grace.

God, thank-you for grace, your unmerited favor towards me, even though I get tired and cynical. Your grace sustains me and reminds me of your great love…I’m sorry for the smoke and mirrors.


Dan Richardson said...

Does jumping out of a phone booth with your underwear inside out count? Happens to me all the time! It is crazy though how we all walk around trying to be someone we're not. I could just very well be the pro at this (not as good as you though..hehe) Grace is such an awesome thing...even though I still like to pretend I'm cool (me and my minivan), I'm trying to get better at just admitting my failure and living in grace.

Paul & Wanda Moores said...

Geez man that's about the best post I've read all month. You can really write. Ever thought about writing something a little longer? I'd read it!!

Jeremy Postal said...

Dan - I wouldn't wish my worst enemies to see you in your underwear....inside or right side out!

Thanks for the props Paul....sometimes I consider writting longer bits; as for now it is mostly an eclectic of unfinished thoughts.

Dan Richardson said...'s a good way to distract the evil villains so I can use my spiritual super hero smoke and mirrors here...just mad skill.